WorkSTYLE is a personality type profiler that tells delegates which of four high-level styles and nine Predictive stiles they fit, along with 15 pages report that details how they can best inform and persuade others.

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What is it?

The test was created to benefit candidates by quickly profiling their personality type and coaching them on how to better inform and influence others. WorkSTYLE delivers a lot of value for a little effort.

How does it work?

Is a 6 clicks assessment that provides a close look at an individuals’ personal style and type. The report shows a person’s communication and motivational style preferences and recommendations for how the person can be more effective in dealing with people at work and beyond.

How does it help you?

WorkSTYLE delivers a lot of value for a little effort.

Field research finds the six factors often deliver predictive value as high as much longer, old-school, boring personality tests. Employers get notified of extreme responses on job-related personality factors, so they can check them out carefully on other factors, and in final interviews.

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