Leadership Culture Profiler’s main function is to measure HOW leaders motivate members to do what needs to be done.


What is it?

The Leadership Development Profiler is a fast (28 item) powerful measure of leader behaviors that contribute to developing championship teams, instead of teams who are champions in their own minds.

How does it work?

It comes with 28 items on the Leadership Development Profiler that all take aim on one question: “How do we motivate our people to do what needs to be done?”  Our Leadership Team Survey begins the process by leading executives to clarify the culture they seek, and the one they think they have.  Then, our Leadership Development Profiler discovers the culture the team members want and the one they have, highlighting gaps in leadership behavior that require attention.

How does it help you?

Our focused, research-proven surveys administered online provide the fastest, most powerful measurement tool for steering your culture towards higher performance, team member satisfaction, and a strong customer value experience.

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