Guaranteed to deliver Increased Sales

Fast accurate predictors of life cycle sales/hire

Sales Screening with a Guarantee!

Everyone else guarantees to send you invoices. You have to pay whether or not the new hires sell at above or below traditional average selling levels. Now you can STOP DOING THAT.
We put our fees on the line to guarantee the boost in sales per hire delivered by our Sales Prediction Suite.
We need to know:

[1] How you hire Sales Professionals now

| [2] The current average annual revenue numbers for each type of rep | and

[3] The expected number of sales hires per rep type.
Then we project the average added sales/hire delivered by our Sales Prediction Suite. If the actual value comes in low, we reduce our fees proportionately. If we over-deliver, we get a bonus. We both win.

Technical Sales

Professionals that sell technical products/services to experts.

  • Screen for: Quick and Clear Thinking | Patience | Grit | and a Passion for Technology.
  • Also screen for how candidates have won business using specific technical knowledge or skills in challenging situations.

Goods and Service Sales

Professionals that sell materials, equipment, IT, financial products, and medical services to business buyers.

  • Screen for: Integrity | Quick & Clear Thinking | Grit | Resilience | Savvy | and Personal Profitability.
  • Also can screen for best practices around sales support technologies, such as CRM, project management, and social media.

Consulting Sales

Professionals that sell management, financial, technology, or marketing consulting services to businesses.

  • Screen for: Integrity | Clear and Deep Thinking | Grit | Resilience | Savvy | and a Passion for Service.
  • Also can screen for best practices around sales support technologies previously listed and auto-confirmation of business growth within existing clients.