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Our Personal Job Fit assessment is a proprietary library of 30 questions. The questions have been created from years of online screening experience and client feedback. They aim to better align a candidate’s ideal job preferences with the actual tasks, culture and environment of the job.

Applicants rate 5-12 features picked by Hiring Managers on how much of that feature they expect in their ideal job, and how important it is that the job delivers on that feature. Features where candidates expect a lot of it, and the job delivers on it get flagged as Green. Features that candidates want, but the job lacks OR that candidates don’t want, but the job delivers, get flagged as Red— particularly if the candidate rates that feature as Critical to their job fit.

Assessment scores increases for people whose ideal job lines up with the employer’s position opening. Scores decrease, and items are flagged for large gaps in applicant’s ideal preference and the job.

Personal Job Fit is quick to configure and easy-to-use. It is ideal for high volume recruiting and can be used for multiple job families and industries. The Personal Job Fit will increase efficiency in your recruiting efforts and contribute to the overall level of performance engagement in your organization.

The report shows a person’s communication and motivational style preferences and recommendations for how the person can be more effective in dealing with people at work and beyond. Created to benefit candidates by quickly profiling their personality type and coaching them on how to better inform and influence others, WorkSTYLE delivers a lot of value for a little effort.

Upon completing the WorkSTYLE, candidates receive a report. The report shows their Primary (out of 4) and Predictive (out of 9) personality types. It explains how to handle people like themselves, and how to better inform and influence people who fall into the other three Primary types. Candidates appreciate getting something back after applying on line, most often into a black hole. Employers get notified of extreme responses on job-related personality factors, so they can check them out carefully on other factors and in final interviews.

People Assessments maintains a small library of memory and intelligence type tests. These are often customized per client to make the questions in the test more job and company related. These tests are used mostly for high volume jobs where quick, accurate thinking avoids many small mistakes or delays that add up to millions of dollars of revenue or cost over time and a large workforce.

For high volume jobs– quick, accurate thinking avoids many small mistakes or delays that add up to millions of dollars of revenue or cost over time and a large workforce. For high impact jobs, DeepTHINKING and ClearTHINKING avoid costly incidents on the downside while delivering scalable, profitable, and sustainable innovation on the upside. Our visual and game-delivered tests of QuickTHINKING measure how quick someone picks up and processes new information.

The Performance Inventory is a suite of tests that assesses performance constructs necessary for successful job performance.
The constructs include Dependability, Customer Service, Sales, Safety, Retention, Clear Thinking, and Management. Each test contains approximately 50 questions.
Written at a grade seven reading level, the questions are easy to comprehend.
The Performance Inventory serves three primary purposes. First, the Performance Inventory screens out candidates unlikely to deliver good value.
Second, the Performance Inventory identifies high-scoring candidates that employers can confidently expect to be star performers.
Lastly, the Performance Inventory report suggests behavioral interview questions to assess the traits and behaviors that most contribute to success and supplement the test score data.