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Behavioral Interview Online (BIO)

assessment tool that automates the collection of interview answers

Leadership Development Profiler

measure HOW leaders motivate members to do what needs to be done.


a 6 clicks assessment that provides a close look at an individuals’ personal style and type

With the increasing need to effectively hire employees with the right technical skills, recruiters, hiring managers, and even stakeholders, are constantly trying to find better solutions that not only will speed up their hiring process, but will also help them focus more on the internal processes of talent development and building effective teams.

People Assessments’ products offer a wide range of questionnaires and tests performed online that measure not only your prospective candidates’ technical skills, but also their personality traits, work style and behavior, leadership skills, their basic abilities as well as core skills (e.g. reading, thinking, attention, memory).

The assessment tools that we provide are used for profiling new recruits, measure performance of current employees, and determine the leadership culture and strengths. We provide assessment tools that help organizations measure the Intelligence, Integrity and Work Behavior of prospective candidates.

Whether your organization wants to hire new people or focus on the development of current employees, our assessments are carefully crafted to suit your busy schedule and organizational needs. The assessments can also be used for current employees to benefit your organization’s talent management and workforce planning.

Based on the decade’s long expertise and research of Industrial and Organizational psychologists, our products measure personality and work behavior in highly reliable manner and helps you make accurate and productive talent decisions.

Our solutions help businesses understand and solve your challenges with putting the spotlight on talent development. The solution sets measure and predict performance for professional and technical roles, leadership strengths, personal skills and more.