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WorkFACTS Scales

The WorkFACTS™ Scales helps in the hiring and decision-making process by differentiating between pretenders and contenders. See how the WorkFACTS Scales minimizes faking risk.

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Honest, smart, hardworking candidates seek work that aligns with their interests, values, and talents. One of the biggest challenges in the hiring process is telling the difference between these contenders and pretenders who are dishonest, smart and ambitious.

Most personality tests pose lots of short questions with 5 tick-box answer options (i.e. Agree to Disagree or Never to Always). This makes it easier for people to fake their answer and choose what is more “socially acceptable”.

WorkFACTS™ Scales is comprised of a library of BIO Data type questions whose multiple responses in a form of statements are difficult to fake. When you must pick “All that Apply” or the BEST answer from a series of statements, it’s hard to know how to boost your score. That is a key reason why WorkFACTS™ scales work so well. Candidates can’t be sure which answer gets points, or even how many answers to pick. The best test-taking strategy is to answer as honestly as possible. Created by Dr. John Callender over a 24-year career at P&G, these scales deliver boosts of 50% – 150% in selection suite decision accuracy.

Performance Scenarios

Sustain your competitive advantage by translating your company’s successful strategies into job behaviors in specific scenarios. Hire people who are “naturals” on those behaviors for success in your company’s strategically critical roles.

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A “Performance Scenarios” module begins with stakeholder interviews where they describe what strategically successful performers do differently in challenging scenarios. The Scenario Modeler creates an online assessment that captures job specific scenarios and actions that describes behaviors for those scenarios.

The online assessment places candidate in those challenging scenarios. Candidates rate how well each of set of action options captures their “best behavior” in the scenario. Action options come from how successful and struggling performers handled the scenario. It’s what happens on the job, so candidates experience a “slice of life” as they take the test.

The extra one-time cost in creating Performance Scenarios more than pays off in employer brand appeal and further boosts selection suite decision power.

Veris Fiduciary Trust for Intelligent Professionals

Fraud, bribery, insider trading, embezzlement, cybercrime, money laundering…know whom to trust based on the only integrity assessment created for high IQ professionals.

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Research reported in the Harvard Business Review found that as valuable as replacing an average performer with a star is, it is 10 times costlier to hire Toxic Talent over an average performer, due to lasting damage on customers, peers and managers.

Based on a review of over 300 books and articles that studied personal characteristics of white-collar felons, Dr. George Paajanen suggested the items of the Veris assessment. The items were administered to a benchmark of 840 white-collar felons incarcerated in 40 prisons.

After years of analysis and research, the team of researchers have been able to identify eight personality traits that differentiate business professionals who are more likely to engage in irresponsible behavior from those who do not. Thus, the Veris Prime assessment was created. The Veris Professional Trust Index consists of over 100 items. Assessment report provides scores and analysis on eight Trust Components—Accountability, Sincerity, Conscientiousness, Ambition, Empathy, Commitment, Consideration, and Caution. This powerful tool will let you leave out candidates with low level of integrity and trust and employ the candidates who score high on the eight trust components.

Work Behavior Inventory

Whether you need to make a hiring decision for a new candidate or need to develop a stronger employee, the WBI will help you make the right decision.

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The Work Behavior Inventory (WBI) describes an individual’s work style and their personality. It will give you a clear picture of how the individual behaves and cooperates at work. WBI assesses personality traits related to success and effectiveness. These characteristics are what drive each person’s success. The WBI measures the research-based big five personality dimensions, factored into 21 work style facet scores often called competencies.

Whether for identifying how to best deploy and on-board finalists who accept job offers or for developing a stronger current workforce, the Work Behavior Inventory gives your organization the capability to objectively focus talent development based on evidence instead of biased opinions.  Sometimes that means building on strengths. Other times it means tackling gaps with on-the-job or online learning. It assesses candidates’ job fit, but it can be also used for current employees in your organization for their further improvement, talent development, discovering their leadership styles (it identifies high potential and future leaders). WBI can also identify effective coping mechanisms (informational, interpersonal, or organizational) that overcome personal limitations.