We believe that opinions are plentiful, truth is scarce and powerful, and that the path from opinions to the truth about talent is through analytics. In pursuit of this mission, we deliver next-generation psychometric tools that help people and organizations achieve their full potential and help in the realization of their mission. We do it because it drives people and companies towards reaching their full potential.  We believe unlocking employees’ full potential will lead to reaching global competitiveness.


Our vision is to be a dominant provider of human predictive psychometric online tools to help individuals and organizations achieve their full potential. To empower companies to easily assess, understand and fully tap into their employee talents which will ultimately lead to improvement of the company’s culture of quality and overall happiness levels.
We create products that help you make more informed decisions during the hiring process to ensure suitability and predict the performance of potential employees. We provide tools that monitor continued suitability of current employees and assist companies in determining career planning, talent management and training. The purpose of psychological testing is to aid the hiring decisions and predict performance. It is used to determine the capability of potential employees to work under stressful conditions and to assess the potential of a prospective employee to handle the job effectively under those conditions.
The assessment tools provide you with accurate data that will guide you through the hiring process, employee screening and employee talent management. Opinions are plentiful. Truth is rare and powerful. The path from opinions to truth is through analytics. The use of psychological assessment can lower the risk of hiring unsuitable employees. Screening helps companies hiring the right people on the right job position and save the cost on high employee turnover.
The tests were created by professionals with hundreds of years of psychometric and talent management experience. The tests were designed for employment screening and employee management purposes that accurately predict on-the-job performance and skills. All the tests were designed following the standards of Industrial Organizational psychology, and the test questions are designed to meet fair hiring practices. The test constructs have been used over 140 million times, delivered to hundreds of companies, and confirmed and validated through over 240 field studies.

People Assessments continues to grow ever day thanks to the confidence our clients have in us.